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Who We Are?

We are expert in Providing Any German Language Certificates which requires to Study, Work or living in Germany.

Welcome to Verified GOETHE & TELC Certificate the best website which produces genuine German language certificates online without exam for Study, Work or living in Germany.

At Verified GOETHE & TELC Certificate we will help you to get a registered valid Goethe Certificate, valid Telc Certificate, authentic DSH certificate, legit TestDAF certificate, DSD Certificate and certified OSZ certificate and all the certificates must be genuine and authentic, GOETHE TELC TestDaF OSD.

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How We Work?

3 Simple Steps


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Why you need German Certificates?

For Different Purpose you may Require German Certificates.


To be able to get admission in any school or university in Germany, you will need a German language certificate.


To be able to work in Germany, you will need a German language certificate.


To be able to immigrate or get Permanent residence in Germany, you will need a German language certificate.

There are many different purposes anyone is looking for German certificates like living in Germany, school, work or immigrate to Germany. You will require a German language certificate for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has three levels of language proficiency, A, B and C.

Each Certificate has two parts based on proficiency is divided in A1/A2 or basic, B1/B2 or proficient in the language, and C1/C2 or advanced language skills. To be allowed to immigrate in Germany, you will need to Clear the exams and pass them up to either A1 or B1.

If you want to get a Permanent Residence (PR), you will need a higher proficiency Certificate C1 or C2. Getting good scores in the exams is not easy for non German users and that is the reason all German Certificates is here to help you in getting any German language certification that you may need like DSH, TestDAF, Goethe, Telc, DSD, TestDAF, ÖSD certificate.

Verified GOETHE & TELC Certificate has all what it’s takes to provide you with all these German certificates. We have more than 7 years experiences in producing authentic German DSH, TestDAF, Goethe, Telc, DSD, TestDAF, ÖSD certificate.

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